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On Edge-corrected Kernel-based Pair Correlation Function Estimators for Point Processes

  title={On Edge-corrected Kernel-based Pair Correlation Function Estimators for Point Processes},
  author={Rollo Davidson and D. Stoyan and W. Kendall and J. Mecke and Applications Stochastic Geometry and John and D Stoyan and Hans-Dieter Schnabel and L. H. King and B. MacLean and Mark and A. E. E. An and Mecke and R. G. Schneider and W. R. R. Weil and Geometrie Stochastische and Dmv and References and Baddeley and R. Gill and Kaplan-Meier and Chang-Jo F. Chung and O M.CssOrg and L. Horvv and Ath},
Description of relations between spatial variability of microstructure and mechanical strength of alumina ceramics. assessment of the point-centred quarter method of plotless sampling in some New Zealand forests. 27 Acknowledgements We thank Chris Jonker for processing the heather image of Figure 1 at CWI as part of his honours thesis at the University of Utrecht; Peter Diggle for lending the original of Figure 1; Brian Ripley for supplying the point pattern data to statlib; Chang-Jo F. Chung… Expand
A nonparametric measure of spatial interaction in point patterns
The strength and range of interpoint interactions in a spatial point process can be quantified by the function J = (1 - G)/(1 - F), where G is the nearest-neighbour distance distribution function andExpand
Estimation variances for estimators of product densities and pair correlation functions of planar point processes
Approximations of the estimation variances of kernel estimators of the pair correlation function and the product density of a planar Poisson process are given. Furthermore, a heuristic approximationExpand


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  • Revision): 62G05; 62H11
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