On Domination in Graphs

  title={On Domination in Graphs},
  author={Frank G{\"o}ring and Jochen Harant},
  journal={Discuss. Math. Graph Theory},
For a finite undirected graph G on n vertices two continuous optimization problems taken over the n-dimensional cube are presented and it is proved that their optimum values equal the domination number γ of G. An efficient approximation method is developed and known upper bounds on γ are slightly improved. 
In this paper we characterize the class of trees, block graphs, cactus graph, bipartite graph and different types of product graphs for which the neighbourhood chromatic domination number is equal to
Total Dominator Colorings in Paths
Let G be a graph without isolated vertices. A total dominator coloring of a graph G is a proper coloring of the graph G with the extra property that every vertex in the graph G properly dominates a
Random procedures for dominating sets in bipartite graphs
Using multilinear functions and random procedures, new upper bounds on the domination number of a bipartite graph in terms of the cardinalities and the minimum degrees of the two colour classes are
Planar domination graphs
Dominator chromatic number of grid graph
Let G be a graph. A dominator coloring of G is a proper coloring in which every vertex of G dominates at least one color class. The dominator chromatic number of G is denoted by χd(G) and is defined
Fair domination in the join, corona and composition of graphs
In this paper, we characterize the fair dominating sets in the join, corona and composition of graphs. We also determine the bounds or exact values of the fair domination numbers of these graphs.
Random Procedures for Dominating Sets in Graphs
Several upper bounds for the domination number of a graph are derived from some random procedures for the construction of small dominating sets in graphs.
A note on the k-tuple domination number of graphs
In a graph G, a vertex dominates itself and its neighbours. A set D ⊆ V (G) is said to be a k-tuple dominating set of G if D dominates every vertex of G at least k times. The minimum cardinality
A Survey on the Effect of Graph Operations on the Domination Number of a Graph
A dominating set of G is a set of vertices of G such that every vertex in V – D is adjacent to a vertex in D. The domination number of G, denoted by  ( G ), is the minimum cardinality of a
The Paired Domination Number of Cubic Graphs
Let G be a simple undirected graph with no isolated vertex. A paired dominating set of G is a dominating set which induces a subgraph that has a perfect matching. The paired domination number of G,


Some news about the independence number of a graph
  • J. Harant
  • Mathematics
    Discuss. Math. Graph Theory
  • 2000
For a finite undirected graph G on n vertices some continuous optimization problems taken over the n-dimensional cube are presented and it is proved that their optimum values equal the independence
Improved lower bounds on k-independence
A lower bound for the maximum cardinality of a k-independent set—in terms of degree sequences—is proved which strengthens and generalizes several previously known results, including Turan's theorem.
Fundamentals of domination in graphs
Bounds on the domination number domination, independence and irredundance efficiency, redundancy and the duals changing and unchanging domination conditions on the dominating set varieties of
On Dominating Sets and Independent Sets of Graphs
The approach yields an improvement of an upper bound for the domination number found by N. Alon and J. H. Spencer, and it is proved that γk(G) = min fk(p), where the minimum is taken over the n-dimensional cube Cn.
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A particular set of problems - all dealing with “good” colorings of an underlying set of points relative to a given family of sets - is explored.
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Fundamentals of Domination in Graphs (Marcel
  • 1998