On Dominating Sets And Independent Sets Of Graphs

  title={On Dominating Sets And Independent Sets Of Graphs},
  author={Jochen Harant and Anja Pruchnewski and Margit Voigt},
  journal={Combinatorics, Probability & Computing},
A k-dominating set is a set D k V such that every vertex i 2 V nD k has at least k i neighbours in D k. The k-domination number k (G) of G is the cardinality of a smallest k-dominating set of G. For k 1 = ::: = kn = 1, k-domination corresponds to the usual concept of domination. Our approach yields an improvement of an upper bound for the domination number found then the notion of k-dominating set corresponds to the complement of an independent set. A function f k (p) is deened, and it will be… CONTINUE READING

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