On Distribution of Superconductivity in Metal Hydrides

  title={On Distribution of Superconductivity in Metal Hydrides},
  author={Dmitrii V. Semenok and Ivan A. Kruglov and Igor A. Savkin and Alexander G. Kvashnin and Artem R. Oganov},
  journal={arXiv: Superconductivity},
Using the data on the superconducting critical temperature ($T_{C}$) for a number of metal hydrides, we found a rule that makes it possible to predict the maximum $T_{C}$ based only on the information about the electronic structure of metal atoms. Using this guiding principle, we explored the hydride systems for which no reliable information existed, predicted new higher hydrides in the K-H, Zr-H, Hf-H, Ti-H, Mg-H, Sr-H, Ba-H, Cs-H, and Rb-H systems at high pressures, and calculated their $T_{C… 
First-principles search of hot superconductivity in La-X-H ternary hydrides
Motivated by the recent claim of hot superconductivity with critical temperatures up to 550 K in La + x hydrides, we investigate the high-pressure phase diagram of compounds that may have formed in
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Recent reports of the superconductivity in hydrides of two different families (covalent lattice, as in SH3 and clathrate-type H-cages containing La and Y atoms, as in LaH10 and YH6) have revealed new
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Abstract Hydrogen, the lightest element in the periodic table, has been predicted to metalize under extreme compression. Metallic hydrogen is believed to be a room-temperature superconductor. Due to
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Two hydrogen-rich materials, H$_3$S and LaH$_{10}$, synthesized at megabar pressures, have revolutionized the field of condensed matter physics providing the first glimpse to the solution of the
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Rare-earth polyhydrides formed under pressure are promising conventional superconductors, with the critical temperature ${T}_{c}$ in compressed ${\mathrm{LaH}}_{10}$ almost reaching room temperature.
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The search for room temperature superconductivity has accelerated dramatically in the last few years driven largely by theoretical predictions that first indicated alloying dense hydrogen with other
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  • 2019
Recently, many seminal papers deal with the syntheses, stability and superconducting properties of super-hydrides like LaH10 or YH10 under high pressure, reporting critical temperatures near room
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Polyhydrides offer intriguing perspectives as high-temperature superconductors. Here we report the high-pressure synthesis of a series of lanthanum-yttrium ternary hydrides: cubic hexahydride


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The first-principles structure searches for stable vanadium(V) hydrides over a pressure scope 0-200 GPa uncovered the crystal structures of V hyDRides, but also established the high-temperature superconductive nature of them.
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Recent computational studies confirmed by experiment have shown the occurrence of superconductivity in the compound $$\hbox {H}_3$$H3S at a temperature, $$T_\mathrm{c}$$Tc, near 200 K when the
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Here we report targeted high-pressure synthesis of two novel high-$T_C$ hydride superconductors, $P6_3/mmc$-$ThH_9$ and $Fm\bar{3}m$-$ThH_{10}$, with the experimental critical temperatures ($T_C$) of
High-temperature superconductivity of uranium hydrides at near-ambient conditions
Solid metallic hydrogen is believed to be a nearly room-temperature superconductor [1], but its synthesis proved elusive because extremely high pressures well over 400 GPa are required [2]. Following
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Recently, P\'epin et al. reported the formation of several new iron polyhydrides FeH$_x$ at pressures in the megabar range, and spotted FeH$_5$, which forms above 130 GPa, as a potential
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with the highest superconducting transition temperature (Tc), and moreover some of its compounds are metals again with very high Tc’s. Accordingly, combinations of niobium with hydrogen, with its
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A lanthanum hydride compound at a pressure of around 170 gigapascals is found to exhibit superconductivity with a critical temperature of 250 kelvin, the highest critical temperature that has been confirmed so far in a superconducting material.
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The current results significantly enrich the crystal structures of the Tc-H system and provide a further understanding of their structural features and physical properties.
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