On Difference Sets.

  title={On Difference Sets.},
  author={Sarvadaman Chowla},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={35 2},
  • S. Chowla
  • Published 1 February 1949
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Disjoint difference families and their applications
A definition of disjoint difference families is proposed that encompasses variations in priorities in constructions and allows a comparison of the similarities and disparities and a discussion of the notion of equivalence for frequency hopping sequences and for disjointed difference families.
Invertibilité restreinte, distance au cube et covariance de matrices aléatoires
Dans cette these, on aborde trois themes : probleme de selection de colonnes dans une matrice, distance de Banach-Mazur au cube et estimation de la covariance de matrices aleatoires. Bien que les
Reversible and DRAD difference sets in
The existence of Hadamard difference sets has been a central question in design theory. Reversible difference sets have been studied extensively. Dillon gave a method for finding reversible
Tables of the existence of equiangular tight frames
Every known construction of ETFs is surveyed and existence for sufficiently small dimensions is tabulated.
Embeddability Properties of Difference Sets
By using nonstandard analysis, the main theorem of Jin's theorem is proved, where a precise bound is given on the number of shifts of $A-B$ which are needed to cover arbitrarily large intervals.
Kirkman Equiangular Tight Frames and Codes
It is shown that real-valued constant-amplitude ETFs are equivalent to binary codes that achieve the Grey-Rankin bound, and then construct such codes using Kirkman ETFs.
A survey of Hadamard difference sets
difference set, Hadamard A (u,k,A) difference set is a k-element subset D of a group G of order u for which the multiset {dldl2: dl,d2 E D, dl =t= d2} contains each nonidentity element of G exactly A
Cyclic Incidence Matrices
Let it be required to arrange v elements into v sets such that each set contains exactly k distinct elements and such that each pair of sets has exactly λ elements in common (0 < λ < k < v). This
Equiangular tight frames that contain regular simplices
Some REALLY beautiful Hadamard matrices
  • J. Dillon
  • Mathematics
    Cryptography and Communications
  • 2010
Some of the history of the development of Hadamard difference sets are reviewed, illustrating some aspects with representative matrices whose beauty makes them appropriate decorations as the authors celebrate the birthday and the work of Warwick de Launey.