On Design and Implementation of the Distributed Modular Audio Recognition Framework: Requirements and Specification Design Document

  title={On Design and Implementation of the Distributed Modular Audio Recognition Framework: Requirements and Specification Design Document},
  author={Serguei A. Mokhov},
We present the requirements and design specification of the open-source Distributed Modular Audio Recognition Framework (DMARF), a distributed extension of MARF. The distributed version aggregates a number of distributed technologies (e.g. Java RMI, CORBA, Web Services) in a pluggable and modular model along with the provision of advanced distributed systems algorithms. We outline the associated challenges incurred during the design and implementation as well as overall specification of the… 
A Speaker Recognition System Using Gaussian Mixture Model, EM Algorithm and K-Means Clustering
An end pointing elimination in Gaussian selection medium for MFCC is presented and done experiments on MARF (Modular Audio Recognition Framework) framework to increase outcome estimation.
Toward Refactoring of DMARF and GIPSY Case Studies - A Team XI SOEN6471-S14 Project Report
A background study of the two given OSS case study systems namely GIPSY and DMARF to get a deeper look into the architectures of both the systems.
Towards Refactoring DMARF and GIPSY OSS
This study presents background research into the two opensource software systems, DMARF and GIPSY, and elaborates on their motivations and the requirements that drove and shaped their design and implementation.
Managing Distributed MARF with SNMP
The scope of this project's work focuses on the research and prototyping of the extension of the Distributed MARF such that its services can be managed through the most popular management protocol
Self-Forensics Through Case Studies of Small-to-Medium Software Systems
This work specifies the requirements of what the context should be for the small self-forensic modules for the data structures and event flow in Java systems, and performs case studies of some small-to-medium, distributed and not, primarily academic open-source software systems.
A Java Data Security Framework (JDSF) and its Case Studies
We present the design of something we call Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication Sub-Frameworks, which are a part of a more general Java Data Security Framework (JDSF) designed to support
A MARFCLEF Approach to LifeCLEF 2015 Tasks
Team MARF's results for FishCLEF were the 2nd team after with the Run 1 being the best of the three tasks, which was expected to be the worst.
DMARF AND GIPSY High Level Architecture and Requirements Analysis
The implication is towards performing the system level refactoring by applying appropriateRefactoring methods to enhance the quality and performance of the open source systems.
Toward Refactoring of DMARF and GIPSY Case Studies - a Team 10 SOEN6471-S14 Project Report
In this paper, all the summaries of team members were gathered together and defined a decent background for both GIPSY and DMARF separately and participates in presenting the metrics definition.
Toward Refactoring of DMARF and GIPSY Case Studies - a Team 9 SOEN6471-S14 Project Report
This paper focuses over open source systems experimental studies that are DMARF and GIPSY and analyzed their architectures to improve understandability, maintainability, extensibility of the code.


Choosing Best Algorithm Combinations for Speech Processing Tasks in Machine Learning Using MARF
This study focuses on the tasks of identification of speakers' as of their gender and accent vs. who they are through machine learning, and significantly complements a preceding statistical study undertaken only for the text-independent speaker identification.
Managing Distributed MARF's Nodes with SNMP
Study of best algorithm combinations for speech processing tasks in machine learning using median vs. mean clusters in MARF
This work reports experimental results and their analysis in various speech processing tasks using SpeakerIdentApp, a text-independent speaker identification application, based on Modular Audio
Introducing MARF: a Modular Audio Recognition Framework and its Applications for Scientific and Software Engineering Research
This document provides the details and the insight on the internals of MARF and some of the mentioned applications and an API reference in the Javadoc format.
The Java Web Services Tutorial (For Java Web Services Developer’s Pack
  • v2.0). Sun Microsystems, Inc., February
  • 2006
and TCP/IP-based Distributed Stock Broker System
  • Technical report, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Concordia University, August
  • 2006
  • Hierachical Logging Service for Java. apache.org,
  • 2006
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Apache Jakarta-Tomcat is designed as a comprehensive reference for professional Web application developers and administrators. This title is intended to help readers get up to speed on the latest
A LATEX2e Gallimaufry
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Professional Dcom Programming
This book shows you how you can write components to take advantage of DCOM and shows how Microsoft Transaction Server can ease the life of a DCOM developer as well as the new issues introduced by this product.