On-Demand Regional Television over the Internet

  title={On-Demand Regional Television over the Internet},
  author={Haakon Bryhni and Hilde Lovett and Erling Maartmann-Moe and Dag Solvoll and Tryggve S{\o}rensen},
  booktitle={ACM Multimedia},
We present a regional news on demand television service over the Internet develo~d for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), using a distributed video server and a WWW-integrated software-only MPEG-1 video player. Video is played diiectly over the net from the server source, thus avoitlng download of a video file. As far as we know this is the first regular real-time news-on-demand service where a television stXion on a daily basis digitizes a full news transmission and makes it… CONTINUE READING

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