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On Dark Energy, Weyl’s Geometry and Different Derivations of the Vacuum Energy Density

  title={On Dark Energy, Weyl’s Geometry and Different Derivations of the Vacuum Energy Density},
  author={Carlos Castro},
  • C. Castro
  • Published 1 February 2007
  • Physics
  • viXra
Two different derivations of the observed vacuum energy density are presented. One is based on a class of proper and novel generalizations of the (Anti) de Sitter solutions in terms of a family of radial functions R(r) that provides an explicit formula for the cosmological constant along with a natural explanation of the ultraviolet/ infrared ( UV/IR) entanglement required to solve this problem..... 

Remarks on Weyl geometry and quantum mechanics

A short survey of some material related to conformal general relativity (CGR), integrable Weyl geometry, and Dirac-Weyl (DW) theory is given which suggests that CGR is essentially equivalent to DW

Remarks on geometry and the quantum potential

We gather material from many sources about the quantum potential and its geometric nature. The presentation is primarily ex- pository but some new observations relating Q,V, and are indicated.



k-Essence, Avoidance of the Weinberg's Cosmological Constant No-Go Theorem and Other Dark Energy Effects of Two Measures Field Theory

The dilaton-gravity sector of the Two Measures Field Theory (TMT) is explored in detail in the context of cosmology. The model possesses scale invariance which is spontaneously broken due to the

On Novel Static Spherically Symmetric Solutions of Einstein’s equations and the Cosmological Constant Problem

A novel class of static spherically symmetric (SSS) solutions of Einstein�s equations are explicitly constructed in terms of a family of admissible radial functions...

Scaling in cosmology and the arrow of time

Cosmological theories and theories of fundamental physics must ultimately not only account for the structure and evolution of the universe, the physics of fundamental interactions but also lead to an

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On black holes and gravitational waves

Remarks on the distributional Schwarzschild geometry

This work is devoted to a mathematical analysis of the distributional Schwarzschild geometry. The Schwarzschild solution is extended to include the singularity; the energy momentum tensor becomes a


We advance the viewpoint that, only relevant modes of the vacuum fluctuations, namely, with wavelengths conditioned by the size, homogeneity, geometry and topology of the Universe, do contribute to