On Darboux integrability of discrete 2D Toda lattices

  title={On Darboux integrability of discrete 2D Toda lattices},
  author={Sergey V.Smirnov},
Darboux integrability of semidiscrete and discrete 2D Toda lattices corresponding to Lie algebras of A and C series is proved. 

Direct linearisation of the discrete-time two-dimensional Toda lattices

  • Wei-jie Fu
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2018
The discrete-time two-dimensional Toda lattice of -type is studied within the direct linearisation framework, which allows us to deal with several nonlinear equations in this class simultaneously and

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We study the problem of the integrable classification of nonlinear lattices depending on one discrete and two continuous variables. By integrability, we mean the presence of reductions of a chain to

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