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On Covering a Graph Optimally with Induced Subgraphs

  title={On Covering a Graph Optimally with Induced Subgraphs},
  author={Shripad Thite},
We consider the problem of covering a graph with a given number of induced subgraphs so that the maximum number of vertices in each subgraph is minimized. We prove NP-completeness of the problem, prove lower bounds, and give approximation algorithms for certain graph classes. 
Generating ASIPs with Reduced Number of Connections to the Register-File
The main advantage of using pipeline execution of multi-op versus VLIW instructions is shown to be the cost of interconnections between the CPU’s execution units and the register file.


A Separator Theorem for Planar Graphs
Let G be any n-vertex planar graph. We prove that the vertices of G can be partitioned into three sets A, B, C such that no edge joins a vertex in A with a vertex in B, neither A nor B contains more
A compendium of NP optimization problems
This compendium of approximability results of NP-hard optimization problems has been collected together and is interested in studying a class of optimization problems whose feasible solutions are short and easy-to-recognize.
Computers and Intractability: A Guide to the Theory of NP-Completeness
Horn formulae play a prominent role in artificial intelligence and logic programming. In this paper we investigate the problem of optimal compression of propositional Horn production rule knowledge