On Choice Rules in Dependent Type Theory

  title={On Choice Rules in Dependent Type Theory},
  author={Maria Emilia Maietti},
  • M. Maietti
  • Published in TAMC 20 April 2017
  • Philosophy
In a dependent type theory satisfying the propositions as types correspondence together with the proofs-as-programs paradigm, the validity of the unique choice rule or even more of the choice rule says that the extraction of a computable witness from an existential statement under hypothesis can be performed within the same theory. 
Quantifier completions, choice principles and applications.
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  • M. Maietti
  • Philosophy
    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
  • 2005
A modular correspondence between various categorical structures and their internal languages in terms of extensional dependent type theories à la Martin-Löf is presented and formulas corresponding to subobjects can be regained as particular types that are equipped with proof-terms according to the isomorphism ‘propositions as mono types’.
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