On-Chip Diamond Raman Laser

  title={On-Chip Diamond Raman Laser},
  author={Pawel Latawiec and Vivek Venkataraman and Michael J. Burek and Birgit J. M. Hausmann and Irfan Bulu and Marko Lon{\vc}ar},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
Synthetic single-crystal diamond has recently emerged as a promising platform for Raman lasers at exotic wavelengths due to its giant Raman shift, large transparency window and excellent thermal properties yielding a greatly enhanced figure-of-merit compared to conventional materials. To date, diamond Raman lasers have been realized using bulk plates placed inside macroscopic cavities, requiring careful alignment and resulting in high threshold powers (~W-kW). Here we demonstrate an on-chip… 

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