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On Bourdieu and Gramsci

  title={On Bourdieu and Gramsci},
  author={Rp Jackson},
The theoretical confrontations between Pierre Bourdieu and Antonio Gramsci staged by Michael Burawoy in Conversations with Bourdieu (2012) and in the journal Sociology (2012) make an important contribution to our understanding of the relationship between these thinkers. As part of his wider project of ‘Sociological Marxism’, Burawoy juxtaposes the historicity of Gramsci’s notion of hegemony with the durable nature of symbolic domination based on misrecognition in Bourdieu. While this contrast… 

Bourdieu and the study of capitalism: Looking for the political structures of accumulation

It is possible to draw upon Marx’s thinking without emphasizing an automatic relationship between an economic ‘base’ and a political ‘superstructure’. The development of capitalism must then be