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On Approximation Schemes and Compactness

  title={On Approximation Schemes and Compactness},
  author={Asuman G{\"u}ven Aksoy and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Almira},
  journal={arXiv: Functional Analysis},
We present an overview of some results about characterization of compactness in which the concept of approximation scheme has had a role. In particular, we present several results that were proved by the second author, jointly with Luther, a decade ago, when these authors were working on a very general theory of approximation spaces. We then introduce and show the basic properties of a new concept of compactness, which was studied by the first author in the eighties, by using a generalized… 

On a theorem of Terzioğlu

  • A. Aksoy
  • Mathematics
  • 2019
The theory of compact linear operators acting on a Banach space has a classical core and is familiar to many. Perhaps less known is the characterization theorem of Terzioglu for compact maps. This


ABSTRACT We show that generalized approximation spaces can be used to describe the relatively compact sets of Banach spaces. This leads to compactness and convergence criteria in the approximation

Generalized approximation spaces and applications

In the paper we generalize the theory of classical approximation spaces to a much wider class of spaces which are defined with the help of best approximation errors. We also give some applications.

On strict inclusion relations between approximation and interpolation spaces

Approximation spaces, in their many presentations, are well known mathematical objects and many authors have studied them for long time. They were introduced by Butzer and Scherer in 1968 and,

A Generalization of N-Widths

This paper is a study of the n-widths defined by Kolmogorov. In section I we give definitions of n-widths of a set in a Banach space and n-widths of an operator acting between Banach spaces. Several

Shapiro's Theorem for subspaces

Constructive Approximation

This paper works on [-1, 1 ] and obtains Markov-type estimates for the derivatives of polynomials from a rather wide family of classes of constrained polynomes and results turn out to be sharp.


Let X be a Banach space and suppose YX is a Banach space compactly embedded into X, and (ak) is a weakly null sequence of functionals in X � . Then there exists a sequence f"ng & 0 such that jan(y)j

On a limit class of approximation spaces

We describe the behaviour under interpolation of a limit class of approximation spaces. We characterize them as extrapolation spaces. Moreover, we study the boundedness of certain operators on these

Entropy, Compactness and the Approximation of Operators

1. Entropy quantities 2. Approximation quantities 3. Inequalities of Bernstein-Jackson type 3. Inequalities of Berstein-Jackson type 4. A refined Riesz theory 5. Operators with values in C(X) 6.