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On-Air Test of the IIP Receiver Using Observations of an ATC Radar

  title={On-Air Test of the IIP Receiver Using Observations of an ATC Radar},
  author={Steven W. Ellingson and Grant A. Hampson},
This memo documents a quick sanity check of the IIP radiometer hardware developed to date, using observations of a nearby 1331 MHz air traffic control (ATC) radar previously described in [1]. These observations took place on June 18, 2002. The results indicate that the IIP radiometer architecture is reasonable and that it’s key elements are functioning correctly, at least in prototype form. Our observations of radar pulses and their multipath components confirm that the dynamic range of the… 
Digital Receiver For Interference Suppression in Microwave Radiometry
Recent results are reviewed from an IIP project on the development of digital backends for microwave radiometer systems. The digital backends developed implement real-time RFI suppression algorithms
Initial LISA Measurements from the ESL Roof
This report documents some initial observations made with the Ohio State University (OSU) ElectroScience Laboratory’s (ESL) recently-completed L-band Interference Surveyor/Analyzer (LISA) instrument
Implementation of a Single FFT Processor
This document describes a FPGA implementation and simulation of the FFT component of the IIP Radiometer RFI processor described in [1], with special emphasis on its floating point outputs.


A 256 k @ 32-bit Capture Card for the IIP Radiometer
The digital part of the radiometer project is broken into several stages of development and it is important to be able to capture results from each stage, so a standard interface was developed using a high density 68-pin SCSI3 connector.
Front End Version 1 Design
  • Front End Version 1 Design
  • 2002
Front End Version 1 Design”, IIP Memo 7, The Ohio State University ElectroScience
  • Laboratory, February
  • 2002
Implementation Results of the Digital IF Processor
  • IIP Memo
  • 2002
Preliminary RFI Survey for IIP
  • Preliminary RFI Survey for IIP
  • 2002