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On Afrotropical Coleophoridae (I) (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)

  title={On Afrotropical Coleophoridae (I) (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)},
  author={Giorgio Baldizzone and Hugo van der Wolf},
  journal={Shilap-revista De Lepidopterologia},
Resumen en: Six new species of the genus Coleophora Hubner, 1822 are described as Coleophora jurateella Baldizzone & Wolf, sp. n., C. aarviki Baldizzone & Wolf, sp. ... 
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Rodzina Eupistidae Polski
sp. n. paratype 0 (GP Bldz 15119). 8. C. scaleuta Meyrick (GP Bldz 13987) “Kenya, Rift Valley, Soysambu Est., 1800 m, 0o 24
  • S |
  • 2005
2004.– Coleophoridae
  • In W. MEY (ed).– The Lepidoptera
  • 2004
sp. n. paratype 1 “Namibia, Mile 46, 18o 18
  • S | 19o15’ E,
  • 2003
Descriptions of Japanese Coleophoridae II