On African socialism

  title={On African socialism},
  author={Léopold Sédar Senghor and Mercer Cook},

Informed consent requirements in HIV testing in Zambia : 'a question of a borrowed bucket'?

It was demonstrated that HIV does not only affect PLWHA, but also the common good, and sub-Saharan Africa has an indigenous value system of Ubuntu which can appropriately be transposed in HIV testing informed consent requirements in Zambia.

Media in Africa

This article tackles assumptions made by Louise Bourgault in her pioneering book, Mass Media in Sub-Saharan Africa. The article discusses her claims about African journalism in relation to her

Shifting Intimate Sexual Relations from Humans to Machines: An African Indigenous Ethical Perspective

The emergence of artificial intelligence, robotic innovations, technology and computers have created a world that has enabled people to have interactions and experiences that would otherwise be

The Kwame Nkrumah Legacy

Kwame Nkrumah’s notion of Pan-Africanism remains the formulation that guides the aspiration and organizational expression for the unity of the African continent. This analysis provides an elaboration

Neo-African Renaissance as a Response to Neo-Capitalism

The chapter investigates the neo-African renaissance as a response to neo-capitalism, which has dominated the political system in modern-day Africa. It is argued by different Heads of States such as

The Moral Question of Addiction: An African Philosophical Perspective

  • W. Lajul
  • Psychology
    Addiction in South and East Africa
  • 2019
Different studies have presented addiction as a moral disorder or a physical disorder. As a moral disorder, addiction is expressed as an excessive appetitive urge or loss of self-control; and as a