On ACTL Formulas Having Linear Counterexamples

  title={On ACTL Formulas Having Linear Counterexamples},
  author={Francesco Buccafurri and Thomas Eiter and Georg Gottlob and Nicola Leone},
  journal={J. Comput. Syst. Sci.},
In case anACTL formula fails over a transition graph M , it is most useful to provide a counterexample, i.e., a computation tree of M witnessing the failure. If there exists a single pathin M which by itself witnesses the failure of , then has alinear counterexample . We show that, given M and , whereM 6j= , it is NP-hard to determine whether there exists a linear cou nterexample. Moreover, it is PSPACE-hard to decide whether an ACTLformula always admits a linear counterexample if it fails… CONTINUE READING
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