On A.Ya. Khinchin's paper ‘Ideas of intuitionism and the struggle for a subject matter in contemporary mathematics’ (1926): A translation with introduction and commentary

  title={On A.Ya. Khinchin's paper ‘Ideas of intuitionism and the struggle for a subject matter in contemporary mathematics’ (1926): A translation with introduction and commentary},
  author={Lukas M. Verburgt and Olga Hoppe-Kondrikova},
  journal={Historia Mathematica},
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The beginnings of the Soviet encyclopedia. The utopia and misery of mathematics in the political turmoil of the 1920s

In this paper, we focus on the beginning of the publication of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, which was launched in 1925. We present the context of this launching and explain why it was tightly



Mathematicians Forced to Philosophize: An Introduction to Khinchin's Paper on von Mises' Theory of Probability

What follows shall provide an introduction to a predominantly philosophical and polemical, but historically revealing, paper on the foundations of the theory of probability. The leading Russian

Kant's Mathematical Realism

Though my title speaks of Kant’s mathematical realism, I want in this essay to explore Kant’s relation to a famous mathematical anti-realist. Specifically, I want to discuss Kant’s influence on L. E.

The Adventure of Reason: Interplay Between Philosophy of Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, 1900-1940

Preface PART 1: HISTORY OF LOGIC 1. The Development of Mathematical Logic from Russell to Tarski, 1900-1935 OART 2: FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICS 2. Hilbert and Bernays on Metamathematics 3. Between

Brouwer's intuitionism

The Brouwer Bibliography. Publications. Unpublished Papers. Brouwer, Life and Work. Childhood and Student Years. Post-Graduate Study. Life, Art and Mysticism. The Foundations of Mathematics. Towards

From Frege to Gödel: A Source Book in Mathematical Logic, 1879-1931

The fundamental texts of the great classical period in modern logic, some of them never before available in English translation, are here gathered together for the first time. Modern logic, heralded

Hilbert's Programs: 1917–1922

  • W. Sieg
  • Philosophy
    Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
  • 1999
The connection of Hilbert's considerations to issues in the foundations of mathematics during the second half of the 19th century is sketched, the work that laid the basis of modern mathematical logic is described, and the first steps in the new subject of proof theory are analyzed.

Die kontroverse um die intuitionistische logik vor ihrer axiomatisierung durch heyting im jahre 1930

Brouwer's criticism of mathematical proofs making essential use of the tertium non datur had a surprisingly late response in logical circles. Among the diverse reactions in the mid 1920s and early

Contemporary debates on the nature of mathematics

The goal of the republication of this article is not only to acquaint the reader with a scarcely known article of the great scientist but to invite him to observe the process of scientific progress.

On The Epistemological Justification of Hilbert’s Metamathematics

The aim of this paper is to examine the idea of metamathematical deduction in Hilbert’s program showing its dependence of epistemological notions, specially the notion of intuitive knowledge. It will

Naming Infinity: A True Story of Religious Mysticism and Mathematical Creativity

During the nineteenth century, a foundational crisis in mathematics led to signal events of fundamental importance. The first was the creation of set theory by Georg Cantor at the end of the