On τ - , μ - , π - , and ε - Contracting Paul


The use of electronic contracts is emerging as a way to improve the efficiency of contracting processes. Electronic contracts are, however, often used as a direct replacement for traditional paper contracts – which we call shallow e-contracting. Consequently, business processes in general and contracting processes in particular do not change much through the use of electronic contracts. New business scenarios caused by e-business developments, however, do require new contracting paradigms in which the use of electronic contracts becomes an essential element to obtain a radical paradigm shift in contractual business relations – which we call deep e-contracting. In this position paper, we explore these new paradigms. We link the paradigms to exchanged values described in e-contracts to obtain a mapping from business requirements. We next map the paradigms to contracting activities. Finally, we map the activities to information technology required for their automated support. Based on the paradigms and mappings, this paper provides a concise framework for the exploration of deep e-contracting.

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