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On $p$-integrality of instanton numbers

  title={On \$p\$-integrality of instanton numbers},
  author={Frits Beukers and Masha Vlasenko},
The motivation for this paper comes from the striking work [7] of Candelas, de la Ossa, Green and Parkes in the study of mirror symmetry of quintic threefolds from 1991. The story has been told many times, so we will give only a very brief description. For more details we like to refer to Duco van Straten’s excellent [18] and the many references therein. Our short story starts with the differential operator L = θ − 5t(5θ + 1)(5θ + 2)(5θ + 3)(5θ + 4), where θ denotes t d dt . The unique… Expand


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