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On $\kappa$-Corson compacta

  title={On \$\kappa\$-Corson compacta},
  author={Grzegorz Plebanek},
Here some comments and partial answers to problems mentioned by Bonnet, Kubís and Todorčević [3]. 1. Introductory remarks Bonnet, Kubís and Todorčević consider in [3] the class of κ-Corson compact spaces introduced by Kalenda [5] and a related notion of κ-Corson Boolean algebras. Given an infinite cardinal number κ, a compact space K is said to be κ-Corson compact if it can be embedded into the space Σκ([0, 1] ) = {x ∈ [0, 1] : |supp(x)| < κ}, for some Γ; here supp(x) = {γ ∈ Γ : x(γ) 6= 0… 


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