On‐line relational maintenance strategies and perceptions of partners within exclusively internet‐based and primarily internet‐based relationships

  title={On‐line relational maintenance strategies and perceptions of partners within exclusively internet‐based and primarily internet‐based relationships},
  author={Kevin B. Wright},
  journal={Communication Studies},
  pages={239 - 253}
  • K. Wright
  • Published 1 June 2004
  • Psychology, Business
  • Communication Studies
While relational maintenance has been found to be an important aspect of interpersonal relationships within the face‐to‐face world, the nature of relational maintenance among partners within computer‐mediated relationships is a relatively unexplored area. This study examined the use of maintenance strategies and perceptions of relational partners among (N = 178) undergraduate students within exclusively Internet‐based and primarily Internet‐based relationships. The findings indicated that… 

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