Omphalomesenteric duct remnants: umbilical versus umbilical cord lesions.


The omphalomesenteric duct is an embryologic connection between the digestive tract and yolk sac, which typically involutes by the time of birth. Failure of the obliteration process can result in omphalomesenteric duct remnants. We present two cases of children with such remnants, one with an umbilical polyp requiring traditional excisional therapy and one more unusual case of an umbilical cord cyst resolving spontaneously without intervention. The differential diagnosis, which includes urachal remnants and umbilical pyogenic granulomas, is discussed, along with management and special considerations that practioners should be aware of when treating pediatric umbilical and umbilical cord lesions.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1525-1470.2010.01295.x

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@article{Hsu2011OmphalomesentericDR, title={Omphalomesenteric duct remnants: umbilical versus umbilical cord lesions.}, author={Jessica W Hsu and Wynnis L. Tom}, journal={Pediatric dermatology}, year={2011}, volume={28 4}, pages={404-7} }