Omiotis: A Thesaurus-Based Measure of Text Relatedness

  title={Omiotis: A Thesaurus-Based Measure of Text Relatedness},
  author={George Tsatsaronis and Iraklis Varlamis and Michalis Vazirgiannis and Kjetil N\orv{\aa}g},
In this paper we present a new approach for measuring the relatednes s between text segments, based on implicit semantic links between their words , as offered by a word thesaurus, namely WordNet. The approach does n ot require any type of training, since it exploits only WordNet to devise the implicit semantic links between text words. The paper presents a prototype on-line d emo of the measure, that can provide word-to-word relatedness values, eve n for words of different part of speech. In… CONTINUE READING