Omental Lipoma


ten months. She had been examined several times by native dais who had diagnosed pregnancy as the cause of abdominal enlargement. She had also experienced the usual symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting and foetal movements but because the expected delivery did not come about and appeared to have been delayed much beyond the usual period of gestation, the patient and her relations felt anxious about it and fearing grave abnormality consulted a lady doctor who discovered the absence of pregnancy altogether, but gave no opinion as to the cause of enlargement of the abdomen. Previous history.?Married at the age of 13; commenced menstruating a year later. Suffered from more or less continuous fever for six months?probably of enteric origin?two years after marriage; recovery from this illness was followed by good deal of increase in weight. Menstrual history normal for fifteen years during which period she never conceived. Two years ago menses stopped abruptly and the patient was believed to have become pregnant but nothing happened to support this belief. Fourteen months after this the abdomen began to enlarge and the symptoms of pregnancy appeared in due course. Physical examination.?Patient rather obese. Abdomen enlarged to the size of full-term pregnancy. Palpation revealed a tumour, semi-fluctuant in consistence, rounded and lobulated in outline, freely movable and

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