Omar Khayyam: Poet, Rebel, Astronomer

  title={Omar Khayyam: Poet, Rebel, Astronomer},
  author={Mehdi Amin Razavi Aminrazavi},
  journal={Iranian Studies},
  pages={569 - 571}
As a life-long admirer of Omar Khayyam, who spent many years unearthing evidence concerning his life and thought, the result of which was my book, The Wine of Wisdom: The Life, Poetry and Philosophy of Omar Khayyam, I was delighted to see the publication of yet another work on Omar Khayyam’s life and contributions. I was further intrigued by the book’s bold claim to be “the most accurate account ever told of Khayyam’s life” (p. ix). I was deeply disappointed to discover that in a blend of few…