Om Gud vill får jag stanna ? en studie av hur nyanlända asylsökande upplever det mottagande de fått i Sverige.

  title={Om Gud vill f{\aa}r jag stanna ? en studie av hur nyanl{\"a}nda asyls{\"o}kande upplever det mottagande de f{\aa}tt i Sverige.},
  author={Eva M{\aa}rtensson},
The purpose of this essay has been to investigate how newly arrived asylum seekers experience their first month in Sweden. The focus has been on the introduction week that is given within the first month of their arrival, although the study aims to treat the reception that is given in general. This is important because the refugees are in a sensitive state, leaving their country for different reasons, and coming to a new place wich they know nothing or little about. The questions at issue has… CONTINUE READING

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