Olympus: a benchmarking framework for noisy optimization and experiment planning

  title={Olympus: a benchmarking framework for noisy optimization and experiment planning},
  author={Florian Hase and Matteo Aldeghi and Riley J. Hickman and L. Roch and M. Christensen and Elena Liles and J. Hein and Al{\'a}n Aspuru-Guzik},
  journal={Machine Learning: Science and Technology},
Research challenges encountered across science, engineering, and economics can frequently be formulated as optimization tasks. In chemistry and materials science, recent growth in laboratory digitization and automation has sparked interest in optimization-guided autonomous discovery and closed-loop experimentation. Experiment planning strategies based on off-the-shelf optimization algorithms can be employed in fully autonomous research platforms to achieve desired experimentation goals with the… Expand
Data-Driven Strategies for Accelerated Materials Design
The most recent contributions of this group in this thriving field of machine learning for material science are reviewed, focusing on small molecules as organic electronic materials and crystalline materials and the data-driven approaches they employed to speed up discovery and derive material design strategies. Expand
Gemini: Dynamic Bias Correction for Autonomous Experimentation and Molecular Simulation
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Golem: An algorithm for robust experiment and process optimization
This research presents a state-of-the-art probabilistic simulation of the reinforcement learning system that automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and therefore expensive and expensive process of training a neural network. Expand
'FitBenchmarking': an open source 'Python' package comparing data fitting software
This paper helps scientists, mathematicians and numerical software developers, who want to understand the types of problems on which current algorithms do not perform well, and to have a route to expose newly developed methods to users. Expand
Benchmarking the Performance of Bayesian Optimization across Multiple Experimental Materials Science Domains
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Nanoparticle synthesis assisted by machine learning
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Data augmentation strategies to improve reaction yield predictions and estimate uncertainty
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Gryffin: An algorithm for Bayesian optimization of categorical variables informed by expert knowledge
This research presents a parallel version of the Celada–Seiden cellular automaton that automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and expensive and therefore expensive and expensive process of Berkeley’s famed “Black-box” system. Expand


Genetic programming - on the programming of computers by means of natural selection
  • J. Koza
  • Computer Science
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • 1993
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however (for it was the literal soul of the life of the Redeemer, John xv. io), is the peculiar token of fellowship with the Redeemer. That love to God (what is meant here is not God’s love to men)Expand
What are “ A ” and “ B ” ?
Direct fabrication of large micropatterned single crystals. p1205 21 Feb 2003. (news): Academy plucks best biophysicists from a sea of mediocrity. p994 14 Feb 2003.