Oliver Cromwell's Policy Toward the English Catholics: The Appraisal by Diplomats, 1654-1658

  title={Oliver Cromwell's Policy Toward the English Catholics: The Appraisal by Diplomats, 1654-1658},
  author={Albert J. Loomie},
  journal={The Catholic Historical Review},
  pages={29 - 44}
  • A. Loomie
  • Published 4 April 2004
  • History
  • The Catholic Historical Review
For four years there were reports in western Europe concerning the persecution of the English Catholics by the Lord Protector, so that it was not unusual for the Catholic foreign diplomats residing in London to include their current views of their predicament in many surviving letters in the files of their foreign secretaries.1 At least seven of these diplomats were appointed during this period, and a close look at their reactions can offer a new and informative picture of the recusants as they… 
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