Oligosaccharides containing Glucose as Substrates for Hen's Egg White Lysozyme

  title={Oligosaccharides containing Glucose as Substrates for Hen's Egg White Lysozyme},
  author={Uri Zehavi and J J Pollock and Vivian Itzhak Teichberg and Nathan Sharon},
ALTHOUGH the structure of hen's egg white lysozyme is known in great detail1–3, information about its mechanism of action is limited. Lysozyme has been shown to act as a glycosidase which hydrolyses β(1→4) N-acetylrnuramyl (MurNAc) linkages in bacterial cell walls and their oligo-saccharides, and β(1→4) N-acetylglucosaminyl (GlcNAc) linkages in chitin oligosaccharides4. To obtain more data on the specificity requirements and on the mechanism of action of lysozyme, we have investigated its… CONTINUE READING

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