Oligoproline effects on polyglutamine conformation and aggregation.

  title={Oligoproline effects on polyglutamine conformation and aggregation.},
  author={Anusri M. Bhattacharyya and Ashwani Kumar Thakur and Veronique M. Chellgren and Geetha Thiagarajan and Angela D. Williams and Brian W Chellgren and Trevor P. Creamer and Ronald Wetzel},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={355 3},
There are nine known expanded CAG repeat neurological diseases, including Huntington's disease (HD), each involving the repeat expansion of polyglutamine (polyGln) in a different protein. Similar conditions can be induced in animal models by expression of the polyGln sequence alone or in other protein contexts. Besides the polyGln sequence, the cellular context of the disease protein, and the sequence context of the polyGln within the disease protein, are both likely to contribute to polyGln… CONTINUE READING
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