Oligophosphopeptides of varied structural complexity derived from the egg phosphoprotein, phosvitin

  title={Oligophosphopeptides of varied structural complexity derived from the egg phosphoprotein, phosvitin},
  author={A. Goulas and E. Triplett and G. Taborsky},
  journal={Journal of Protein Chemistry},
  • A. Goulas, E. Triplett, G. Taborsky
  • Published 1996
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Protein Chemistry
  • Phosvitins are the principal phosphoproteins in the eggs of oviparous vertebrates. They have an exceptionally high serine content and most, or even all, of the serine residues are esterified to phosphate. The phosphorylated residues tend to occur in uninterrupted runs of as many as 28 phosphoserines (as inXenopus phosvitin). This unique structural feature gives phosvitins extraordinary properties and can be expected to play a key role in phosvitin function. For example, the concentration of… CONTINUE READING
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