Oligomerization is involved in pore formation by Bordetella adenylate cyclase toxin.

  title={Oligomerization is involved in pore formation by Bordetella adenylate cyclase toxin.},
  author={Jana Vojtova-Vodolanova and Marek Basler and Radim Osi{\vc}ka and Oliver Knapp and Elke Maier and J{\'a}n Cern{\'y} and Oldřich Benada and Roland Benz and Peter {\vS}ebo},
  journal={FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology},
  volume={23 9},
The Bordetella adenylate cyclase-hemolysin (CyaA, ACT, or AC-Hly) is a multifunctional toxin. Simultaneously with promoting calcium ion entry, CyaA delivers into host cells an adenylate cyclase enzyme (AC) and permeabilizes cell membrane by forming small cation-selective pores. Indirect evidence suggested that these two activities were accomplished by different membrane-inserted CyaA conformers, one acting as an AC-delivering monomer and the other as an uncharacterized pore-forming oligomer. We… CONTINUE READING


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