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Oligomerization and alkylation decene-1 in the presense chloroaluminate ionic liquids

  title={Oligomerization and alkylation decene-1 in the presense chloroaluminate ionic liquids},
  author={Играр Назаров and Akif H. Azizov and Reyhan Valy Aliyeva and Khayala Haydar Seidova and Evgenia Karayeva and A. A. Abdullayeva},
In this present paper, the results oligomerizaton and alkylation of decene-1 in the presence of recyclable chloroaluminate type ionic-liquid catalysts. The composition and structure of oligoalkyl (naphtenic) products obtained in the presence of ionic-liquid catalysts studied by different methods of analysis. The oligomerization of decene-1 in various conditions in the presence of the ionic liquid of chloroaluminate type has been carried out, the kinetic curves have been constructed. 

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