Olfactory-guided orientation in neonatal rats is enhanced by a conditioned change in behavioral state.

  title={Olfactory-guided orientation in neonatal rats is enhanced by a conditioned change in behavioral state.},
  author={R. Sullivan and M. Hofer and S. Brake},
  journal={Developmental psychobiology},
  volume={19 6},
  • R. Sullivan, M. Hofer, S. Brake
  • Published 1986
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Developmental psychobiology
  • In Experiment 1, 3-6-day-old rats were simultaneously exposed to an unfamiliar odor which they will normally avoid (orange extract) and the odor of maternal saliva, or to either orange alone or saliva alone. One hour later, in a two-odor choice test, those pups which were simultaneously exposed to orange and saliva exhibited an enhanced orientation to the orange odor. In Experiment 2, orange odor was presented while pups were exposed to the odor of saliva, or while they received one of two… CONTINUE READING
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