Olfactory colloid cyst.

  title={Olfactory colloid cyst.},
  author={George A. Alexiou and Andreas Zigouris and Dimitrios Pahaturidis and Ann C. Goussia and Spyridon Tsiouris and Andreas D. Fotopoulos and Panayiota Zagorianakou and S. Voulgaris},
  journal={Clinical neurology and neurosurgery},
  volume={109 10},
Colloid cysts are rare intracerebral lesions that are predominantly located in the third ventricle. Extraventricular colloid cysts have only rarely been reported but so far there are no reports of a colloid cyst residing in the olfactory groove. A 74-year-old patient underwent a brain computed tomography scan for a mild head trauma that incidentally revealed a space-occupying lesion near the olfactory groove. Brain magnetic resonance imaging that ensued demonstrated a hyperintense lesion in T1… CONTINUE READING