Olfactory coding in Drosophila larvae investigated by cross-adaptation.

  title={Olfactory coding in Drosophila larvae investigated by cross-adaptation.},
  author={Jennefer Boyle and Matthew Cobb},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={208 Pt 18},
In order to reveal aspects of olfactory coding, the effects of sensory adaptation on the olfactory responses of first-instar Drosophila melanogaster larvae were tested. Larvae were pre-stimulated with a homologous series of acetic esters (C3-C9), and their responses to each of these odours were then measured. The overall patterns suggested that methyl acetate has no specific pathway but was detected by all the sensory pathways studied here, that butyl and pentyl acetate tended to have similar… CONTINUE READING