Olfactory bulbectomy in mice induces alterations in exploratory behavior.

  title={Olfactory bulbectomy in mice induces alterations in exploratory behavior.},
  author={Maha Zueger and Alexandre Urani and Sabine Chourbaji and Christiane Zacher and Michelle Roche and Andrew Harkin and Peter Gass},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={374 2},
The olfactory bulbectomy syndrome is thought to represent a rodent model for psychomotor agitated depression. While this model has been extensively characterized in rats, fewer studies have been conducted with mice. Therefore, the present study aimed at extending the characterization of the OBX-induced behavioral syndrome in mice, using tests like open field, novel object exploration, novel cage and T-maze learning. OBX mice exhibited hyperactivity in a brightly illuminated open field, and also… CONTINUE READING