Olfactory Function Relates to Sexual Experience in Adults

  title={Olfactory Function Relates to Sexual Experience in Adults},
  author={Johanna Bendas and Thomas Hummel and Ilona Croy},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
The olfactory system contributes significantly to human social behavior and especially to mate choice and empathic functioning. In this context, previous research examining individuals with impaired olfactory function indicated an influence of the sense of smell on different aspects of sexuality. However, the applied samples, methods, and results are diverse and an involvement of confounding factors, such as breathing problems, depression or social insecurity cannot be ruled out. The present… 
The Scent of Monogamy: Self-Reported Olfactory Function Predicts Sexual Well-Being and Infidelity in an Italian Population
The exploratory analyses found that, in a large Italian sample, among those in a stable relationship, self-reported olfactory function predicted sexual well-being and negatively predicted infidelity when controlling for other relevant sociodemographics variables.
Olfactory Sensitivity Is Related to Erectile Function in Adult Males
A significant correlation was detected between olfactory sensitivity and erectile function in adult males and being diagnosed with ED is more common in patients with both ED and RD than in patients suffering from a single disease.
Sex differences in main olfactory system pathways involved in psychosexual function
It is hypothesize that sexually dimorphic effects of putative human pheromones are mediated via main olfactory inputs to the medial amygdala which, in turn, transmits o aroma information to sites in the hypothalamus that regulate reproduction.
The Importance of Intact Senses in Mating and Social Assessments Made by Deaf Individuals
The results suggested that deaf people rely less on visual and olfactory cues in mating and social assessments, highlighting a possible role of sign language in shaping interpersonal tactile experience in non-romantic relationships.
Olfactory Impairment and Close Social Relationships. A Narrative Review
Evidence is divided into several categories representing potential mechanisms by which olfactory impairment can impact close social relationships: bonding disruptions, decreased social support, missed group-eating experiences, hygiene concerns, and altered sexual behaviours.
Love Stinks: The Association between Body Odors and Romantic Relationship Commitment
Anecdotal reports indicate that women dislike their partner’s body odor (BO) during the breakdown of a relationship; however, whether disliking a partner’s BO is associated with intentions to break
Investigating the Putative Impact of Odors Purported to Have Beneficial Effects on Sleep: Neural and Perceptual Processes
The perceptual and neural impacts of the commercial odors showed that olfactory stimulation can potentially aid sleep and modify affective processes in a number of ways.


Depression resulting from olfactory dysfunction is associated with reduced sexual appetite--a cross-sectional cohort study.
It seems that depression caused by olfactory loss is the main cause for the self-reported decrease in sexual appetite as the onset of Olfactory dysfunction.
Gender-Specific Relation Between Olfactory Sensitivity and Disgust Perception
There is a specific relation between the level of disgust and olfactory sensitivity in men, who generally present lower values of disgust than women, which may facilitate the perception of potential pathogenic threats and contribute to the evolutionary function of disgust as disease avoidance mechanism.
The Proportion of Self-Rated Olfactory Dysfunction does not Change across the Life Span
Self-ratings of olfactory function were unreliable at all ages, and the frequencies of self-rated olfaction function in various age groups did not differ significantly, in contrast to the decrease of measured olfatory function with age.
Changes in Men’s Salivary Testosterone and Cortisol Levels, and in Sexual Desire after Smelling Female Axillary and Vulvar Scents
Periovulatory axilla and vulva scents accounted for a general increase of interest in sex and were also rated as more pleasant and familiar, while luteal vulvar odors were perceived as intense and unpleasant.
A Compensatory Effect on Mate Selection? Importance of Auditory, Olfactory, and Tactile Cues in Partner Choice among Blind and Sighted Individuals
The data indicate that visual impairment increases the importance of audition in different types of social assessments for both sexes and in mate choice for blind men.
Effects of fragrance on female sexual arousal and mood across the menstrual cycle.
Results demonstrated a positive effect of the male fragrance on genital arousal during erotic fantasy, but this finding was apparent only during the follicular phase testing session, and did not appear to be mediated by any effects of fragrance on mood.
'Sniffin' sticks': olfactory performance assessed by the combined testing of odor identification, odor discrimination and olfactory threshold.
'Sniffin' Sticks' is a new test of nasal chemosensory performance based on pen-like odor dispensing devices. It comprises three tests of olfactory function, namely tests for odor threshold
Olfactory disorders and quality of life--an updated review.
It can be concluded that loss of the sense of smell leads to disturbances in important areas, mainly in food enjoyment, detecting harmful food and smoke, and to some extent in social situations and working life.