Olefins of high molecular weight in two microscopic algae.

  title={Olefins of high molecular weight in two microscopic algae.},
  author={Emilio Gelp{\'i} and John Or{\'o} and H. J. Schneider and E. O. Bennett},
  volume={161 3842},
The hydrocarbon composition of two algae, a golden-brown (Bot-ryococcus braunii) and a blue-green (Anacystis montana), has been investigated by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Both show distributions of aliphatic hydrocarbons of odd carbon numbers in the medium and high ranges of molecular weight, with maxima at n-C(17) and n-C(29) for B. braunii and n-C(17) and n-C(29) for A. montana. With the exception of the n-heptadecane of A. montana all the hydrocarbons are monoenes, dienes, or… CONTINUE READING