Oldest description of a caldera-forming eruption in Southeast Asia unveiled in forgotten written sources

  title={Oldest description of a caldera-forming eruption in Southeast Asia unveiled in forgotten written sources},
  author={Bachtiar Wahyu Mutaqin and Franck Lavigne},
As one of the most powerful volcanic events of the Holocene era with a Volcanic Explosivity Index of seven, the 1257 CE eruption of Samalas volcano in the Rinjani Volcanic Complex had large consequences for Lombok Island (Indonesia) and its surrounding area. This huge eruption with an enormous volume of ejected material (4435 ± 5.5 × 106 m3), was recorded in local written sources, called Babad, that were compiled around the sixteenth century and contain oral stories and myths. In this study, we… 

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Indonesia, which is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, has at least 100 active volcanoes that are spread among more than 17,000 islands. Several active volcanoes are located on small islands, so


The eastern part of Lombok Island is a highly dynamic environment with many physical processes as well as very complex landuse. In addition to the anthropogenic origin, sedimentation in this area

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Source of the great A.D. 1257 mystery eruption unveiled, Samalas volcano, Rinjani Volcanic Complex, Indonesia

This study argues that the source of this long-sought eruption is Samalas volcano, part of the Mount Rinjani Volcanic Complex on Lombok Island, Indonesia, and gives rise to the existence of a forgotten Pompeii in the Far East.

Dynamics of the major plinian eruption of Samalas in 1257 A.D. (Lombok, Indonesia)

The 1257 A.D. caldera-forming eruption of Samalas (Lombok, Indonesia) was recently associated with the largest sulphate spike of the last 2 ky recorded in polar ice cores. It is suspected to have

Climatic, environmental and human consequences of the largest known historic eruption: Tambora volcano (Indonesia) 1815

The 1815 eruption of Tambora volcano (Sumbawa island, Indonesia) expelled around 140 gt of magma (equivalent to ≈50 km3 of dense rock), making it the largest known historic eruption. More than 95% by

Climate response to the Samalas volcanic eruption in 1257 revealed by proxy records

The eruption of Samalas in Indonesia in 1257 ranks among the largest sulfur-rich eruptions of the Common Era with sulfur deposition in ice cores reaching twice the volume of the Tambora eruption in

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Pyroclastic deposits from the 1883 eruption of Krakatau are described from areas northeast of the volcano on the islands of Sebesi, Sebuku, and Lagoendi, and the southeast coast of Sumatra. Massive

Krakatau 1883, The Volcanic Eruption and Its Effects

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