Old Tricks Are the Best Tricks: Repurposing Programmed Instruction in the Mobile, Digital Age

  title={Old Tricks Are the Best Tricks: Repurposing Programmed Instruction in the Mobile, Digital Age},
  author={Roberto Feeney},
  journal={Performance Improvement},
  • R. Feeney
  • Published 1 May 2017
  • Computer Science
  • Performance Improvement
This article describes an interesting mash-up between programmed instruction and cloud-based, mobile technology currently being used for learning retention and habit formation, both in enterprise settings and in the public. The technology is called Ringorang (ring-o-rang), and it delivers practical, incentive-based education and behavioral impacts. It is an app for mobile and PC devices that produces tangible performance results by interweaving multiple components of behaviorism (and its… 
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