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Old Testament Theology

  title={Old Testament Theology},
  author={G. V. Rad},
Essential books for the serious student of the Old Testament...It is scarcely possible to read von Rad without having the understanding and enjoyment of the Old Testament greatly increased. No serious student of the Bible at the level of theological student or minister can afford not to read him' (Theology). 'A work of commanding range and penetration...The skilful translation has made von Flad's book accessible to a greatly enlarged circle of readers. This, the most distinctive of modern Old… Expand
To Hear the Master's Voice: Revelation and Spiritual Discernment in the Call of Samuel
The call of Samuel in the temple at Shiloh (1 Sam. 3) is probably one of the better known stories of the Old Testament. There is an obvious imaginative appeal about the mysterious voice of God comingExpand
Typology and the Christian Use of the Old Testament
It is necessary first of all to consider what is meant by the word ‘typology’. There is a world of difference between the use of τ⋯πoς (‘type’) in the Bible and many of the fanciful interpretationsExpand
Etiek en Ou Testament: ’n kritiese bespreking van bybelse grondslae vir moderne etiese vraagstukke
This article deals with the use of the Old Testament in seeking answers to modern ethical issues. A distinction must he made between the ethics of the Old Testament - a field for Old TestamentExpand
"Brave New World" - Towards a philosophical theology of the Old Testament
There is currently no philosophical theology of the Old Testament. Biblical scholars appear reluctant to offer philosophical accounts of YHWH and it is popularly believed that philosophical concernsExpand
book of Ecclesiastes that the writer's own interest in the book was first stirred. The words of Koheleth are remarkably suited to the solution of questions and problems which arise for the ChristianExpand
Two Introductions to Scripture: James Kugel and the Possibility of Biblical Theology
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.)Two Introductions to Scripture: James Kugel and the Possibility of Biblical Theology ... JAMES L. KUGEL. How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture,Expand
The role of Law as identified in the Old Testament and its impact on the Hospitality Industry
Within the social fabric of Israelite society in the Old Testament period, there were many rules of law derived from the Torāh (dāt), pertaining to the expected social and moral behaviour ofExpand
Prophecy and Discernment
The following text is taken from the publisher's website. "If people claim to speak for God, what enables us to know when to credit or discredit the claim? This book analyses the criteria forExpand
The Theologies of Commandment in Biblical Israel
Critical scholarship on the Hebrew Bible a hundred years ago held a much lower estimation of the role of law in the religion of ancient Israel and of the value of biblical law than do scholars today.Expand
1. Read the Bible with a better biblical theological hermeneutic and arrive at a more sound relevant and biblical interpretation; 2. Prepare a biblical theological sermon, lesson, or article; 3.Expand