Olanzapine and venous thromboembolism.

  title={Olanzapine and venous thromboembolism.},
  author={Staffan Haegg and Per T{\"a}tting and Olav Spigset},
  journal={International clinical psychopharmacology},
  volume={18 5},
Clozapine has recently been associated with venous thromboembolism. The aim of this study was to describe three elderly patients in whom olanzapine therapy was associated with venous thromboembolism. During a 4-month period at the same psychogeriatric clinic, three elderly patients (an 89-year-old male, a 78-year-old male and an 83-year-old female) developed deep venous thrombosis shortly after treatment with olanzapine was initiated. Two of the patients also had symptoms consistent with a… CONTINUE READING
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