Oit1/Fam3D, a gut-secreted protein displaying nutritional status-dependent regulation.

  title={Oit1/Fam3D, a gut-secreted protein displaying nutritional status-dependent regulation.},
  author={Nicole J. W. de Wit and Noortje Ijssennagger and Els Oosterink and Shohreh Keshtkar and Guido J. E. K. Hooiveld and Ronald P Mensink and Sebastiaan Hammer and Johannes Willem Adriaan Smit and Michael M{\"u}ller and Roelof van der Meer},
  journal={The Journal of nutritional biochemistry},
  volume={23 11},
Oncoprotein-induced transcript 1 (Oit1) was previously identified as a dietary fat-induced gene in the small intestine of C57Bl/6J mice. In this study, we further characterized Oit1 and its human ortholog family with sequence similarity 3, member D (Fam3D), on the messenger RNA as well as the protein level. Oit1 and Fam3D were found to be predominantly expressed in the gastrointestinal tract of mice and humans, respectively. Dietary fat induced a clear and acute up-regulation of Oit1… CONTINUE READING
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