Oil-lubricated colonoscopy: easier and less painful?

  title={Oil-lubricated colonoscopy: easier and less painful?},
  author={Emilio Brocchi and Raffaele Pezzilli and Miriam Bonora and Paola Tomassetti and Marco Romanelli and Roberto Corinaldesi},
  volume={37 4},
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Methods of lubrication are rarely considered to be a matter for study in gastrointestinal endoscopy. We evaluated a new technique, i. e. the release of seed oil in discrete amounts from the tip of the scope during colonoscopy. PATIENTS AND METHODS 346 consecutive patients prospectively underwent colonoscopy with a standard lubricating method (using water-soluble jelly; group A) or with the standard method plus seed oil (corn oil) instillations through the biopsy… CONTINUE READING