Oigarche: The Age at First Ejaculation *

  title={Oigarche: The Age at First Ejaculation *},
  author={J. Carlier and Omer P Steeno},
Summary:  In our study the mean age of the age at first ejaculation in Belgium is 13 yrs 2 mos, corresponding with a testicular volume of 10 ml with the orchidometer of Prader. These data are in agreement with those of Laron et al. (1980) and Richardson and Short (1978). The relationship between the age at first ejaculation and the testicular volume means that once this testicular volume (10 ml) has been reached, the question about the presence of ejaculations no longer need be posed… 
Timing of pubertal maturation according to the age at first conscious ejaculation
It is suggested that in the presence of testicular volume ≥6 ml asking about ejaculation is reasonable and not superfluous and self‐reported spontaneous ejaculation can be used as an index of male pubertal timing.
The onset of puberty in Tswana schoolboys: a need for sex education
Spermaturia can be used as an indicator of genital and sexual maturation in puberty in Tswana schoolboys and it would seem that from the age of 14 years, a boy might theoretically be able to father a child.
The First Ejaculation: A Male Pubertal Milestone Comparable to Menarche?
The answer to the title question remains contentious, but open topics for future research are noted throughout the article as essential steps towards attaining a better understanding of thorarche.
Spermaturia and puberty.
It is suggested that spermaturia in non-virilised boys could be a result of a spontaneous, continuous flow of spermatozoa to the urethra in contrast with the peristaltic flow during ejaculation occurring at a later stage of puberty.
First Stirrings: Cultural Notes on Orgasm, Ejaculation, and Wet Dreams
Both the findings and the limitations of numeric milestone research in sexology have a bearing on the pedagogical status of pleasure, as well as the cultural underpinnings of the notion of a
When to ask male adolescents to provide semen sample for fertility preservation?
It is appropriate to consider a request for semen specimens by masturbation from teenagers at one year and six months after the onset of puberty; the onset age of puberty plus 1.5 years is an important predictor of ejaculation and sample collection for cryopreservation.
Gonadal function in male adolescents and young males with juvenile onset systemic lupus erythematosus.
Although these patients had normal sexual activity and normal external genitalia, their fertility was decreased based on the sperm abnormalities, and Serial semen analyses in larger study populations will be necessary to clarify the degree and duration of sperm abnormalities in male patients with SLE in general.
Failure of a combined clinical- and hormonal-based strategy to detect early spermatogenesis and retrieve spermatogonial stem cells in 47,XXY boys by single testicular biopsy.
No spermatogenesis was documented in non-mosaic 47,XXY adolescents either by spermaturia, electroejaculation or testicular biopsy, and the cryopreservation of testes tissue for clinical reasons should not be recommended.
Is age at puberty associated with semen quality and reproductive hormones in young adult life?
A cohort of 320 Danish men aged 18-21 years enrolled in the "Healthy Habits for Two" birth cohort provided self-reported data on pubertal indicators and delivered semen and blood samples indicating an association between older age at Pubertal development and lower semen quality and altered reproductive hormones concentrations as measured in young adult life.


Age at first conscious ejaculation: A milestone in male puberty.
It is concluded that registration of the first conscious ejaculation may constitute an useful index of maturation in the male.
Time of onset of sperm production in boys.
Human puberty is generally described in terms of a sequence of changes in secondary sexual characteristics occurring over an extended period of time, and these have been reviewed in detail by Marshall & Tanner (1974).
Changes in testicular allometric growth curves.
  • R. P. Spencer
  • Medicine
    The Yale journal of biology and medicine
  • 1968
It appears of value to attempt to relate organ sizes to body weight and to detect any changes that mark the time of puberty, and the relationship of testicular weight toBody weight in several species is examined.
The hormonal response to HCG stimulation in male children and adolescents.
It was possible to identify a group of boys in whom the only sign of adolescence was early testicular enlargement, who demonstrated a significantly greater testosterone levels, and this observation indicates that the response to HCG stimulation may used to differentiate anorchia from cryptorchidism.
Clinical Studies on the Antibody Response to E. Coli O‐Antigens in Infants and Children with Urinary Tract Infection, Using a Passive Haemagglutination Technique
It is shown that the passive haemagglutination reaction is a specific and reliable tool in demonstrating humoral antibodies to different bacterial species.
Testicular volume during
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