Official language minorities in Canada: an introduction

  title={Official language minorities in Canada: an introduction},
  author={Rodrigue Landry and {\'E}ric Forgues},
Abstract In a past issue of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Richard Bourhis (1994) edited a number of articles that dealt with “French-English language issues in Canada.” The issue dealt with language contacts from both a national and a regional basis. The present issue of IJSL focuses on the official language minorities of Canada, that is, English in Quebec (the only province where French is the sole official language) and French outside Quebec, the latter being a… 
Exploring the Use of Procedural Policy Instruments in the Development and Implementation of French Second Language Policy in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
From 2006-2008, both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia proposed changes to their French second language (FSL) policies and programs. In observing the cases, it becomes clear that government officials
Translanguaging and Linguistic Landscapes: A Study of Manitoban Schoolscapes
The purpose of this article will be to review how the theory of translanguaging can be used to explore the linguistic landscapes of biand multilingual schools. Such an approach requires researchers
Perspectives et définitions scolaires de l’identité linguistique en milieu minoritaire
Une personne bilingue ou plurilingue peut definir son identite linguistique de differentes facons. Il est particulierement important de faire de la recherche sur les choix identitaires des
Portraits of French secondary education in Manitoba


Postethnic America: Beyond Multiculturalism
Introduction Haleys Choice and the Ethno-racial Pentagon From Species to Ethnos Pluralism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Diversification of Diversity Toward a Postethnic Perspective The Ethnos, the
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The Canadian Bilingual Districts: From Cornerstone to Tombstone
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French-English Language Issues in Canada
A Sharper View: Evaluating the Vitality of O‰cial Minority Communities/Une vue plus claire: évaluer la vitalité des communautés de langue o‰cielle en situation minoritaire
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The dynamics of speech accommodation
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