Official Year Book of the Commonwealth of Australia

  title={Official Year Book of the Commonwealth of Australia},
  author={George Handley Sir Knibbs},
AbstractTHE new issue of this valuable year book is planned on the usual lines, and even if the call for economy still curtails the size of the volume and curbs the desire of the editor in the presentation of available data, the scope is so comprehensive that little of real importance can have been omitted.Official Year Book of the Commonwealth of Australia No. 28, 1935. Prepared by E. T. McPhee. Pp. xxxi + 971. (Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, Canberra.) (Canberra: Commonwealth… 

Counting the Cost: The Reserve Price Scheme for Wool 1970‐200

This paper provides a policy commentary on the collapse in 1991 of the Australian Reserve Price Scheme for wool. A key cause of the collapse in the Scheme was a change in the RPS's governance

A century of population change in Australia

Graeme Hugo is professor of the Department of Geographical and Environmental Studies and Director of the National Key Centre in Research and Teaching in Social Applications of Geographical

Capital taxation during the U.S. Great Depression - Technical appendix

Previous studies quantifying the effects of increased capital taxation during the U.S. Great Depression find that its contribution is small, both in accounting for the downturn in the early 1930s and

Margarine and the Origins and Timing of Microeconomic Reform in Australia

The production of margarine in Australia was for a long time the subject of strict quotas designed to limit the output of the industry in order to protect the dairy industry. The industry was

Bed-States in the Dominions*

What follows is restricted to the three relatively similar communities of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and is far from any exact statistical treatment of the costing problem involved.

Capital Mobility and the Origins of Stock Markets

I illustrate the accepted, though hardly researched, idea that political institutions play a role in locking in factor specificity across sectors, space, and borders. I use the emergence of modern

The Australian Economy in 1914 3 The Impact of War 4 Shipping 5 Mining 6 Wool 7 Wheat 8 Financing the War 9 Supplying the War 10 Manufacturing 11

The First World War was a major negative shock for the Australian economy. Australia did little to mobilise economically for war and struggled with loss both of export markets and access to key

In the Zone: Tax Relief for the Australian Bush

This article argues that the original value of the £40 per annum zone tax concession, granted in 1945 to compensate the residents of remote areas of Australia’s outback for enduring uncongenial

Long-term patterns of Australian public transport use

The last few years have seen substantial rises in passenger numbers across many Australian public transit systems, partially due to periods of higher than average fuel prices and to various

Land frontier expansion in settler economies (1830- 1950): Was it a Ricardian process?

Settler economies (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay) benefited from the consequences of the Second Industrial Revolution as their temperate climate and